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Real Benefits Group is Committed to Changing Healthcare One Employee at a Time.

Our Wellness program begins with individuals taking charge of what they can each change to improve their own health condition. Our program can be the beginning of a life time of improved health and wellness.

We’re forming a family of companies growing in wellness.


Engagement in Activity


Wellness Education


A Positive Company Culture


of healthcare costs are driven by preventable and manageable chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


of company profits go toward healthcare costs. Source: Summit Health 2008 & Wellness at Work: Proving the Value of Health.


Why Wellness is the core of Real Benefits Group

If you are unhealthy, it ultimately costs you more – regardless of your medical plan.

As industry experts in healthcare, we feel it’s our duty to help educate our co-employees on how to use the healthcare system. It is vital that each individual takes responsibility and engages in activity that improves his or her health.

We CAN reduce the cost of healthcare if every one of our partners participates.

How is Wellness an answer to the problem?

Healthcare costs are out of control and strangling small business owners and their employees with relentless cost increases. Through our Wellness program, any savings that are created in overall healthcare costs are shared, either by reduced premium cost or incentive rewards.

Real Benefits Group offers the only Wellness program available to our small business clients to contain their health care cost, a program that is spread among all our client companies.


Supporting a healthier workforce.

Real Benefits Group can help employers create and support a wellness culture throughout the workforce. People don’t think twice about the concept of spreading disease; but it is a cultural challenge to think about the concept of spreading wellness.

A Wellness program in the workplace isn’t fun when it’s mandatory. We strive to create a culture where employees want to take part and know they will feel better.  Subsidizing FitBit fitness trackers is one example. Employees realize the entire group will benefit as they improve their individual health.

RBG Chief Operating Officer

Joe Wedding

Our Wellness Program

  • Helps your employees achieve and maintain optimal health and productivity

  • Audits your organization’s wellness culture

  • Provides strategic plans to guide your company’s health trend management initiatives

  • Engages your employees through meaningful incentive programs

  • Measures and benchmarks the effective management of each program

Real Benefits Group helps employers have a positive impact on health status, productivity, quality of life, and achieving a positive return on investment from day one, by applying population health management strategies that have proven effective in engaging employees and containing cost

Our Mission

Real Benefits Group applies population health management strategies that have proven effective in engaging employees and containing cost. We help employers achieve a positive return on investment and have a positive impact on health status, productivity and quality of life.