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Call-A-Doctor Mission

To save people and organizations time and money by providing them with convenient, 24/7 access to quality healthcare in minutes by phone, video or mobile app.

  • Quality without the cost
    • Significantly less expensive than office, ER and Urgent Care visits with no co-pays, deductibles or office bills

    • Unlimited access with no additional per-call charges

    • Take less time off work to receive care

  • Connect however you want
    • Request an appointment your way with on-demand access by phone, video or mobile app

    • A doctor will respond within minutes over a phone call or video consult

  • Get answers, diagnosis and Rx
    • 91% of calls are successfully resolved on the first call

    • Receive the answers you need in minutes with an average call-back time of 14 minutes

    • Get a prescription sent to your nearest pharmacy without the costly office visit

  • Experienced doctors and professionals
    • All doctors are US-based, Board Certified and State Licensed

    • Talk to quality doctors with an average of 15 years of in-office experience

  • Covers your entire family
    • Call-A-Doctor Plus covers you and up to five additional family members at no extra cost

    • Each family member has access with 100% acceptance and no limitations on usage

  • Convenience on your time
    • 24/7/365 availability anywhere in the US

    • No waiting rooms, closed offices or waiting weeks for an appointment

    • Get a prescription while traveling, even in the middle of the night

Call-A-Doctor Plus is teamed up with WellCard Health to provide up to 50% more savings.

The WellCard Health free prescription and healthcare discount card gives you and your family access to savings on everyday healthcare expenses. All Real Benefits Group co-employees have access to this service.

  • Doctor Visits

  • Dental

  • Vision

  • MRI & Imaging

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Hearing

  • Lab

  • Diabetic Care Services

  • Vitamins

  • WellCard Rewards

  • Daily Living Products

Benefits for your small business:

  • All of your employees (not just those on Medical) will have the ability to call a board certified doctor 24/7 with no copayment.

  • This will eliminate the need to miss work to go to the doctor’s office for a prescription.

  • It will also eliminate 75% of the emergency room visits over the weekend when someone is sick and just needs a prescription called in.

  • It is full family coverage – so even your employee’s spouse covered on another employer’s plan is covered.

  • It is a rich benefit and it is not free – but Real Benefits Group pays for it out of our administrative fees because we don’t want employees to have a co-payment.

  • Your employees are happier about the lower cost of care, while your business maintains a lower claims frequency on the loss history.

  • Call-A-Doctor Plus is HSA compliant, so it’s a must to pair with any high deductible consumer driver plan. Employees will be more accepting of the high deductible with this benefit of no co-pay covering all dependents.


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