RBG Bob Kohnle Headshot

Bob Kohnle, D.C.

Chief Executive Officer

RBG Julie La Pierre Headshot

Julie Dent

Director of Sales Operations

RBG Joe Wedding Headshot

Joe Wedding

Chief Cultural Officer

RBG Ryan Braden Headshot

Ryan Braden

Chief Risk Officer


Dominic O’Dierno

Chief Financial Officer

RBG Dennis Honse Headshot

Dennis Honse


RBG Katie Kohnle Headshot

Katie Kohnle

VP of Operations

RBG Kim Martinez Headshot

Kim Martinez

VP of Client Relations

RBG Curtis Dent Headshot

Curtis Dent

Chief Sales Officer

RBG Erik Swanson Headshot Square

Erik Swanson

Executive VP of Sales

RBG Amber Williams Headshot Square

Amber Williams

Strategic Partnership Manager

RBG Jeff Maehl Headshot

Jeff Maehl

Executive Business Advocate

RBG Chris Bryant Headshot

Chris Bryant

Executive Business Advocate

RBG Tyler Dent Headshot Square

Tyler Dent

Account Services Representative

RBG Tony Gendvilas Headshot

Tony Gendvilas

Chief Benefits Officer


Bethany Gendvilas

Director of Engagement & Wellness

RBG Austin Lane Headshot

Austin Lane

Director of Benefits Underwriting

RBG Hayley Dent Headshot

Hayley Dent

Digital Marketing Specialist


Why The Hummingbird?

There are pages and pages, if not books, about the legend of the Hummingbird.  Each of those legends speak eloquently to the qualities of a Hummingbird:

  • Celebration, joy, hope and inspiration.

  • The simple beauty and quickness seen when it is in flight.

  • A reference to how life seems to quickly move in front of our eyes!

In 2013 we liked the Hummingbird for all of those reasons and more. They are the leanest bird on the planet, efficient with every movement and able to pivot quickly with purpose and surety.  The Hummingbird is dedicated, focused and brings tremendous energy to the task at hand. It does so with a ‘quiet elegance’ we appreciate. We believe these traits are worth emulating.