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Statistics Don't Lie


Healthcare is the second leading expense for the average business – and it’s increasing by 9.2% every year.

This doesn’t sound survivable or sustainable, does it? When you factor in payroll, benefits, human resources and workers’ comp, the prices only increase.

Are costs rising faster than your ability to adapt? The solution is a single provider.

  • Companies that outsource management of payroll, benefits, human resources and workers’ comp spend on average 27% less

  • Companies that outsource these functions under a single provider boost savings by an extra 16%

  • That’s a total cost reduction of 43%

Money isn’t the only factor.

We’re here to give you back your time. An SBA study estimated the average small business owner spends between 7% and 25% of his or her time handling employee-related paperwork.

Our Belief


In a fiercely competitive world, we believe employees are a capital asset – not a disposable resource.

Much like an individual, your company’s culture has a unique genetic makeup. Countless factors contribute to this – from the reason you started your company to the services you provide. Although two companies might look similar at first glance, they are actually very different. We believe your employees are the ones that will attain and excel in the overall mission that formed your organization.

Our Approach


We’re a one-stop shop for payroll, benefits, human resources and more.

We take a holistic approach to Human Capital. When you join Real Benefits Group, you get a dedicated team to build a program ensuring the success of your business. We’re with you through the entire employee lifecycle. Our fully integrated platform saves you time and money by maximizing efficiency. Plus, we’re completely paperless. Everything is hosted and accessible through our HR Cloud.

The Breakdown


Employers nationwide are coming to a tipping point. With every passing year, health plans have become more and more ineffective. Healthcare costs have developed into the second highest expense for businesses. These factors not only affect your numbers, but put your employees at an undeniable risk for financial ruin.

The healthcare reform forced on small business by our government has eroded the already limited options. Fewer options mean more money out of your bottom line. The complexities of today’s business world require innovative thinking and a holistic approach to benefits and human capital.

The solution is Real Benefits Group. Our model allows you to delegate the responsibilities of employment and all things related – payroll, benefits, human resources, wellness and more. These responsibilities require constant vigilance – and with compliance issues becoming more prevalent – this has never been truer than now.

You haven’t gone through everything you have to start, maintain and grow your business, only to worry endlessly about the things that have nothing to do with making money. By providing these services, we empower your company to handle any human capital issue efficiently and gracefully, creating cost reduction that directly benefits your bottom line.

The real bottom line: we eliminate a massive burden on your efforts to do what you do best – grow your business.


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