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We provide immediate HR support.

Too many small businesses are relying on the crossed-finger approach to HR related issues. Even a simple allegation can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars simply to prove they did nothing wrong.

If you have an HR related question, just call us. We will either have it answered by our HR specialist or transfer your question to our labor attorney if necessary. You are able to get quick answers without having to pay your attorney.

When you have a concern, we remove all hesitation caused by cost to get help. We keep your employee handbook updated, or provide you with one.

Your size and budget, our HR solutions.

HR Basics is a Real Benefits Group standard service, but you always have the choice to upgrade. Click to compare our HR Solution Packages.

Can’t decide? Our HR experts are available to help you choose the right package for your business.

Our solutions start with tools designed to help you manage your HR needs.

  • HR Check-up

  • Best Practice Guidance

  • Handbook Rework

  • Employment Posters

  • Unemployment Guidance

  • Temination Support

  • I-9 Compliance

  • Position Classification

  • Fair Labor Stadard Act (FLSA) Guidance

  • Employee Relations Consulting

  • HR Support Center

  • Drug Testing

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Job Description Creation

  • HR Policy Development & Research

  • New Hire Packet Development

  • Performance Evaluation Program Development

  • Employee Survey

  • New Hire Orientation Program Guidance

  • Employee Interview Prep

  • Document Creation and Customizations Services

  • Unlimited Consulting

  • Recruitment Cycle

  • Compensation Analysis

  • Retention & Turnover Analysis

  • Organizational Chart Development

  • Manager Training

  • Diversity / Inclusion Training

  • Reward & Recognition Program Development

  • Safety Program Development

  • Diversity Plan

  • Executive search

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