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We are a Next-Generation Healthcare Distribution Model
Providing Payroll, Benefits and HR for businesses like yours.


The Executive’s View

We give your small business a larger perspective.

It is tough enough for a small business to be good at their craft. How much time could you gain back if you didn’t have to spend your work day trying to solve compliance and HR issues?  Are you losing sleep and feel you don’t have the resources to cover everything?

We are a large employer and we provide professional level administrative assistance with a packaged compliance, payroll and benefits program.  We provide our back office services to small businesses so they are able to focus where they want to be the expert.  The good news…all of our services will likely cost you less than you are paying just for your current medical plan. Not satisfied with your payroll? Healthcare plan? HR services? Ask us how our program can help.

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  • Statistics Don’t Lie

    Healthcare is the second leading expense for the average business – and it’s increasing by 9.2% every year.

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  • Our Belief

    In a fiercely competitive world, we believe employees are a capital asset – not a disposable resource.

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  • Our Approach

    We’re a one-stop shop for payroll, benefits, human resources and more.

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  • The Breakdown

    Health plans are becoming more and more ineffective. The solution is Real Benefits Group.

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What Keeps You Up At Night?

We come across these questions every day. We’re experts in these areas. Let us remove these stresses from your daily list of things to do.

  • Payroll

    • I don’t know what to do with a garnishment.

    • What’s the exempt employee rule again?

    • What do I do with an unemployment claim?

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  • Benefits

    • Are there really benefits in benefits?

    • Why does the cost of my healthcare double every ten years?

    • How can I stop this madness?

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  • Human Resources

    • Does the crossed-finger approach work?

    • Is my employee handbook up to date?

    • How much would I have to pay to do this right?

    • Sleep Better

  • Wellness

    • Would a Wellness plan actually help lower my healthcare costs?

    • Do employees really want to participate in a Wellness program?

    • I don’t need to do this if I’m not sick, right?

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  • Healthcare

    • How can I design better coverage?

    • What is a Health Savings Account?

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    • I wish I could just call the doctor.

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  • Employee Lifecycle

    • How do reduce my turnover and hire quality employees?

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    • There must be an easier way to onboard a new hire.

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